We strive to make our boxes accessible to all, and your health and safety are top priority! Each announced box has a corresponding blog post with detailed descriptions of the three cocktails you’ll be making, and any common allergens will be noted at the bottom of the post, notated with an *asterisk.

We'll include any instances where the common allergens actually appear in the cocktail components, but also if we repackage any items from facilities where those allergens happen to also be processed. It is of course up to you to decide your sensitivity level and your comfort with consuming these ingredients in trace amounts. These companies do take proper precautions to keep items separate and clean their surfaces, but cross-contamination is always possible, so if your sensitivity to an allergen is very high, it would be better to avoid those ingredients. If your allergen is not a common one, you should be able to gather from the description what ingredients are in each recipe, but we're also always glad to clarify or do further research if you have any specific questions for us.

Many of our boxes are naturally vegan, though if a box ever isn't fully so (usually due to the inclusion of honey), we'll explicitly mention that at the bottom of the blog post as well.

If you’re wondering about gluten: our facility does not process gluten on a regular basis but it does happen very infrequently for certain of our cocktail components. On the rare occasion that we do use gluten, we'll make special mention of it in the blog post revealing that particular box, so it won't be a surprise! Furthermore, after we complete the production process for any box that includes an ingredient with gluten, our standard sanitation protocols ensure that our facility will once again be gluten-free for the following month's box.

If you’re not sure whether a certain box is right for you, please don’t hesitate to email us at [email protected] and ask! We can provide suggestions for modifying the recipe (when possible) or for an alternative box, so that you can still enjoy cocktails in the way that’s right for you.