We aim to source the freshest produce so that it can keep for the month, but it is obviously freshest as soon as you receive your box (and must all be refrigerated ASAP!). 

The syrups are good for at least a year if they remain unopened, although we highly recommend keeping them out of direct sunlight.  Once you open (and refrigerate them promptly), they should last at least 1 month in the fridge, particularly the light-colored ones. The darker/richer syrups tend to be fine for longer. Although, when we say they’ll go bad, that really just means that mold will start to grow (since they're made from all-natural ingredients), which you should be able to easily see and then you’ll know they should no longer be used. 

Bitters don't ever really go bad—but they do evaporate! We recommend keeping them away from heat, in a dark place. They do great at room temperature or below.