We always aim to source the freshest produce, but it’ll always be at its best as soon as you receive your box (and is best refrigerated ASAP!). Products of nature can sometimes behave unpredictably, but you’re welcome to reach out to us at [email protected] if you have any issues. (Also, if you aren’t ready to get mixing as soon as your box arrives, we would recommend using the produce for your own purposes and purchasing replacements when you’re ready to mix your cocktails.)


The syrups are good for up to 3 years if they remain unopened, although we highly recommend keeping them out of direct sunlight. Once you open and refrigerate them promptly, they should last at least 1 month in the fridge, and possibly longer depending on their raw ingredients. When we say they’ll go bad, that really just means that mold will start to grow (as they're made from all-natural ingredients). This should be easily noticeable, and then you’ll know that the product should no longer be used. We recommend a visual assessment and a quick smell test (smelling for anything sour or fermented) for any syrups open for longer than a month—but certain syrups with a lot of acid or sugar content will last for several months just fine! 

Bitters don't ever really go bad—but they do evaporate over time! We recommend keeping them away from heat (which can make them evaporate faster than normal!), in a dark place, and making sure they’re closed tightly. They do great at room temperature or, even better, refrigerated.