Note: Owing to the unpredictable conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic, our timing for monthly box shipments, monthly renewal charges, and Make More Store orders are shifting and will no longer follow the usual schedule. Please refer to the information on our homepage, store page, and in our monthly box announcements via email for the most up-to-date timing.

We'll send you an email with tracking (and other helpful info) so that you can stalk your box until it arrives!

Please note that shipping emails send when we print your shipping label (a few days prior to the boxes going out), so it may take a few days for the tracking info to populate. No need to panic unless it's the Thursday after you received your shipping email and there's still nothing coming back when you check your tracking. Then you should please get in touch with us. *Please note USPS is currently experiencing both pandemic and holiday related delays, so you may see your tracking get stuck because many packages are moving through the system without being scanned. Feel free to email us if it hasn't updated in 14 days.*

Boxes are normally assembled and shipped the week of the first Monday of each month (for all orders placed the previous month) and should arrive by the end of that week. There are sometimes exceptions to this due to Post Office holidays, which we always announce beforehand.