We'll send you an email with tracking (and other helpful info) so that you can stalk your box until it arrives!

Shipping emails are automatically sent when we process your shipping label (which may occur a few days prior to the boxes leaving our hands), so it may take a few days for your tracking info to populate. And once your box is out of our hands, our Customer Experience Specialists only have access to the same tracking information that you see via your USPS tracking link (as much as we wish we had an inside scoop!). 

That said, we're always here to help! If you haven't seen any tracking updates a week after receiving your shipping email, please get in touch with us at [email protected] so that we can assist.

Boxes are normally assembled and shipped the week of the first Monday of each month (for all orders placed the previous month) and should arrive by the end of that shipping week. There may sometimes be exceptions to this, but we'll keep you in the know! The exact shipping time frame for each box will always be listed on the homepage of our website, in our box announcement email, and in our box announcement blog posts.