Thank you so much for gifting us! We can’t wait to get mixing with your giftee.

Before they’ve redeemed their gift, you can check on the status and details of the gift email at any time by logging into your account and navigating to your Gift History. If you discover any changes you’d like to make to your giftee’s name or email address, your gift message, or the send date/time, you can go ahead and make those right on that page! You can also check to see the status of the email—if it’s sent, opened, redeemed, or (gulp!) undeliverable (usually due to a tiny typo in the email address—an easy fix you’ll be able to make!).

If you find you’d like to make any adjustments to the gift details after the initial gift email has been sent, be sure to “Resend” it so a new email is sent out!