A Shaker & Spoon subscription is one of the best (and easiest!) gifts you can give someone who enjoys cocktails—literally all you need to know about your giftee is their name and email address! 

You can purchase 1-, 3-, 6-, and 12-month subscriptions for anyone who can receive packages via the US Postal Service, which they can redeem whenever it's convenient for them. We'll send your giftee an email—on whatever day & time you wish—to notify them of your gift (with a personal message from you), and then they'll be prompted to create their account and provide their preferred shipping address.

This way, your giftee has full control over the subscription. If they don't love the coming month's box, for example, or the timing is inconvenient, they have the choice to redeem the gift for the next month, or the month after that (or choose their favorite box from our vault!).

We do things this way for a few important reasons. Firstly, our boxes often contain perishable ingredients that need to be refrigerated on the day that they arrive, so we want those receiving our boxes to know to expect them. And secondly, people are sometimes quite particular about the types of liquor they do and don’t wish to drink. Since each month's box calls for a different spirit, we find it best to empower giftees to decide which boxes they’d like to receive. 

Please note that they will only be notified of the gift on the day that the gift email is scheduled for. That is not the day that the box will arrive. They will need to first redeem the gift before any boxes are sent.

Please be sure to order through the Gifting page as gift subscriptions will do all of the things outlined above and will not auto-renew! A regular subscription purchased through the Subscribe page will continue to automatically renew until you cancel.